Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

ReAction® offers 24 mind blowing CBD Hemp Extract Oil Products to choose from. These Products consist of 9 Tinctures, 6 Topicals, 1 Lip Balm, 3 Edibles, 2 Capsules and 3 Salves which are all made from Full Spectrum Extract and manufactured in a ISO 9001 Facility & All our products are 100% Organic and come with State-Tested Lab COAs (Certificate of Analysis). Full Spectrum means more Cannabinoids, Flavonoids & Terpenes. When Consumers buy CBD that’s refined from industrial Hemp we always recommend purchasing a “Full Spectrum” Extract (FSE). Full Spectrum means that all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, proteins, amino acids, and terpenes...basically everything found in the plant... has been extracted and used in the CBD (more accurately....FSE) Products.


When a consumer ingests ReAction's FSE (Full Spectrum Extract), many Scientists believe that it takes advantage of a phenomenon known as the “Entourage Effect.”


This effect means that all cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, terpenes, and other plant compounds present are working in concert with one another to maximize their therapeutic benefits. We all have a cannabinoid system in our body and you need the entire Hemp Plant to experience these "health" benefits.


Because cannabinoids work better synergistically, rather than individually, this interactive synergy between cannabis compounds is a perfect example of why medicines containing only THC or CBD aren’t always sufficient for treating many medical conditions.


This is why Every ReAction® Product is tested at harvest, bulk formulation, and at the finished Product, by a independent 3rd Party State Certified Lab, to ensure quality, purity, safety and potency to ensure all our products meet our Company Regulatory requirements.


We are FDA approved, and we Self-Regulate at a higher level than even FDA requirements. Our product is legal and does possess trace THC in our lineup of .03% that per the 2018 Farm Bill makes our product 100% legal!

Customer Testimony

Danielle Ammaccapane, age 57, retired LPGA Professional Golfer talks about her real life experience with ReAction's FCE products.